Booking Boost

is a metasearch bid and price management AI, designed for all sizes of OTAs.

Booking Boost
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  • OTAs of Today

    Depending on their size, an OTA employs a team of 3 - 30 people to manage its metasearch presences.

    It’s not possible for that team to optimize all hotels on multiple channels every single day, as a result, most OTAs deal with only a small portion of their portfolio daily, leaving the rest untouched, forcing them to settle for unsatisfactory results.

    For higher performance, OTAs choose to employ more people, however, this results in increased costs and only slighty improved performance. Scaling up on human capital is not feasible.

    Global OTA giants are outperforming other OTAs on all metasearch channels. Their success does not come from human capital, it comes from heavy investments on data science and software development.

    OTAs of Today
  • The Future of Metasearch

    Dynamics of metasearch management are changing and new channels, methods and practices are being introduced as a result of intense competition within platforms.

    Once-a-day optimizaton is becoming a thing of the past and real-time metasearch management practices are getting more and more common.

    In near future, keeping up with the global giants will require much more work and effort than today. Human effort will not be enough to handle the challenges and complexities of tomorrow. OTAs need to create an edge in order to become and stay competitive against giants on metasearch.

    That’s why we have created Booking Boost.

    For today and for tomorrow.

    The Future of Metasearch
  • Our Solution

    Booking Boost’s AI is here to take control of your bidding and pricing on metasearch.

    Once it’s set up with your guidance, it works autonomously, hence, does not require human supervision afterwards. It can quicky scale up for hundreds of thousands of hotels on multiple platforms and countries. Opening up your inventory for new markets is not a challenge anymore.

    Booking Boost’s AI uses reinforcement learning algorithms to learn from its actions and gets better every day. It monitors the market and responds accordingly.

    Also, it always stays up to date with latest developments on metasearch platform so you don’t have to.

    Our Solution

Product Packages

Recommended for initial test

Bidding AI

+Analytics & Competitive Intelligence Dashboard

For all sizes of OTA’s with metasearch presences on Trivago,Google Hotel Ads and TripAdvisor. Autonomously calculates and submits all the bids for all hotels in all markets.

Recommended for next stages

Bidding + Dynamic Pricing AI

+Analytics & Competitive Intelligence Dashboard

On top of Booking Boost’s bidding service, updates offer prices in real-time for your OTA in order to increase metasearch performance, while staying within the limits you have set.

Bidding AI

An artifical intelligence to decide on and submit all your bids on metasearch channels.

Booking Boost’s AI tracks changes in the market and combines them with your metasearch results and internal data to generate bids for all your hotels in all platforms, then submits them, while adhering to all the limitations you set. Once configured, it does not need any human intervention.

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Bidding AI

Dynamic Pricing AI A complementary solution on Booking Boost’s Bidding AI

Best placement on metasearch requires managing both bidding and pricing in tandem

On metasearch, your price matters a lot. Our AI uses a special algorithm to adjust prices in real-time to find a sweet spot for your offer. It’s aim is to make sure that your prices are in perfect harmony with your bids so you achieve higher profitability.

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Dynamic Pricing AI

Analytics Dashboard

Booking Boost’s dashboard is designed to let you know what’s going on your metasearch channels at all times.

Booking Boost’s Analytics Dashboard gives you granular access to your metasearch results and also provides you with real-time access to your current performance.

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