Drive more value out of your OTA business using artificial intelligence

Booking Boost offers a platform for online travel agencies to extract more value out of their business, using custom-made solutions powered by artificial intelligence, while uncovering additional opportunities using internal and external data sources thanks to our wide selection of analytics dashboards.

Autonomous Bidding








Analytics &






Analytics & 

Competitive Intelligence

ACI provides specially designed dashboards to let OTAs know how their business is performing combining all internal and external data sources. 

ACI also provides competitive intelligence using custom-made tools to give OTAs a complete view of their competitors on metasearch.


Bidding System

ABS combines OTA’s internal data with additional external data to feed its own bidding AI, which later on will be used for setting bids on metasearch platforms to maximize value out of advertisement spending.

Contract Manager 

Performance Platform

CMPP serves two purposes for Contract Managers (CM) providing dashboards to show how their hotels are performing and generating insights to help them

better negotiate terms with the hotels. CMs will be empowered in negotiating crucial details regarding commercial agreements such as; price, availability

and commission rates.

Data visualization is key

to decision making...

What if you could track all your metasearch business from one dashboard?

Get all the details on your metasearch performance...  

See how your bookings progress each week using custom-made visualizations

A calendar... All reservations plotted... 

Also helps you track cancellations...

What goes into making

bidding decision

for a single hotel?

Now, do it again and again for every single hotel in your portfolio...

What does Autonomous Bidding System offer

to your business overall?

A high-tech solution to compete against giants


human factors

In-depth data on key performance results

Higher Performance

Higher ROAS 

Efficiency in metasearch bid management

Algorithms specifically modified for your OTA

Data Security

(General Data Protection Regulation)

Data Gateway is an open source application, provided by Cerebro. It provides a secure connection between client's and Cerebro’s servers. Customer is in complete control of the data flow and data gateway provides full transparency, as well as authentication keys to eliminate unauthorized access.

Booking Boost does not require any kind of personally identifiable information (PII) to perform its duties. In the case of a sensitive data transfer, Data Gateway offers several tools to anonymize the data to eliminate all possible risks.

Cerebro ensures 

data security & GDPR compliance...


 BookingBoost is developed by Cerebro, Inc.